"Junk" DNA Is Not Junk


Last Updated:
May 21, 2009



The presence of 'junk' DNA has been an argument frequently used by proponents of naturalistic Darwinian evolution to argue against life being the result of an intelligent causal Agent. However, recent scientific research has revealed that 'junk' DNA in fact appears to serve important functions. Thus, the predictions of naturalistic Darwinian evolution regarding 'junk' DNA were not accurate.


Most Recent: Research Team Finds Important Role for Junk DNA

1. Molecule Crucial for Processing Non-Coding RNA Identified: Long-Standing Scientific Question Resolved

2. The Regulatory Utilization of Genetic Redundancy Through Responsive Backup Circuits

3. UCSD Study Shows 'Junk' DNA Has Evolutionary Importance

4. Why Repetitive DNA is Essential to Genome Function

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